usheru’s First-Party Audience Data Tools To Execute Account-Based Film Marketing Strategies

ABM strategies offer many benefits for film marketers as it helps targeted film fans engage with audiovisual content and supports content discovery, leading to cinema ticket sales or traffic to streaming platforms where your films are being showcased.

What has our team developed to achieve these goals? How can we help you succeed in this long-term run for each film release and for your existing catalogue titles? Discover some of our specific tools below.

The Cellar - Wildcard - Competition


Every movie has a great hook to engage their potential fans whilst providing some entertainment and educating fans a little bit more about the film. It drives traffic, builds anticipation for the movie, is fun and social. Moreover, fans also love nothing more than attending premieres or preview screenings. A simple competition from social media or pre-release advertising to get fans to take part in a premiere tickets competition is a great way to promote the movie and build an audience database. This is a great way to build your database and encourage fans to buy tickets so you don’t waste marketing budget.

When done properly and effectively, Competitions can be one of the best ways to collect first-party data from your audience. To qualify for winning the competition, you can have people sign-up with their emails, share your post, follow you or even tag friends to boost engagement. There are many benefits that Competitions bring to your film marketing strategy. (Read more here)

Demand It

Integrate organic tools and digital solutions to your website that can help films interact with global film fans. Our DEMAND IT button fosters content discovery by allowing marketers to spot where audiences are located and create email databases to target & retarget with both paid and organic strategies. To learn more about this widget, BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced industries to either adapt or die and has highlighted that innovation in the film industry is long overdue. Adopting a flexible hybrid model for streaming distribution gets the best outcome for each title. Check out why to integrate your own player the 3 key benefits of owning your PVOD window integration.

How to implement account-based marketing using data-led solutions? BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION HERE


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