Why Integrate Your Own Video Player?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced industries to either adapt or die and has highlighted that innovation in the film industry is long overdue.

We contend that adopting a hybrid model for streaming distribution will get you, as a distributor, the best outcome for your movie, and reach the maximum audience levels in two ways, by :

  • a) hosting your content on the major streaming players – the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime invest huge amounts in traffic acquisition and in growing monthly subscriptions, and you can gain both commercially and critically from securing a deal to distribution on one of these platforms; and
  • b) simultaneously (or consecutively) hosting your content on your own Player on your website. Integrate a video player and power your own PVOD window. This part of your strategy allows you to build a direct-to-consumer relationship with your audience, own the transaction (no revenue share splits) and benefit both commercially and strategically.

This is what we see as the best hybrid approach to your streaming distribution strategy.

Getting a deal with a major streamer is great and has many obvious advantages (and sometimes disadvantages too, of course – i.e lack of data visibility on audience views). But overall, it’s a no-brainer to accept that deal on a major streamer. So the only open question remains? – WHY ALSO POWER YOUR OWN PVOD WINDOW.

That answer is simple:

  1. Own the fan data (own the transaction, own the customer relationship);
  2. Maximize sales;
  3. Have flexible pricing and release strategies; and
  4. Measure marketing conversions with intelligent tracking of campaigns.

In our view, this is the way to get the best out of what is being referred to as the “Streaming Wars” these days. By getting the best of the large platforms, while also retaining control of a direct distribution channel (your own video player on your website), you can hold some cards in your distribution destiny!

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