Introducing Our Brand Values: Be Authentic, Be Brave, Be Creative

Brand values - be brave

Our company ethos is all about adding value to our partner’s businesses through innovation and automation. The ethos is led by three brand values: Be Authentic, Be Brave, Be Creative. These values reflect the company’s commitment to delivering a quantifiable return on investment for partners and pushing boundaries to future-proof their businesses.

brand values

usheru Brand Values

Be Authentic 

The first company value, authenticity, means that our goal is to provide excellent service, honesty, and deliver a return on investment. We strive to maintain a 5-star level of service at all times and respond to support tickets in less than 12 hours. We believe in being honest with partners, even if that means telling them their service is not the right fit for them. 

Moreover, our success team will work to ensure our partners meet and raise the industry standard and benchmark their performance against industry standards. This might call out some inefficient practices by your team but unless we do this, we are not adding value. 

Our focus is always on delivering a quantifiable return on investment. For instance, we put in place a plan to help improve a partner’s return on investment if deemed low. If the ROI does not improve on the next campaign after following our advice, we won’t charge for it. 

Be Brave 

The second value is all about the brand’s promise to be an innovation leader, not a challenger. We have done many industry firsts: 

  • D2C Cinema Ticketing: With Universal, we launched the first global cinema ticketing campaign for Fifty Shades Darker. We now do ticketing in the US, UK and Ireland. 
  • uPLAY: We launched an integrated player for consumer and press screenings. It was pioneered with Altitude in 2021 and it rolled out commercially in 2022. 
  • First Party data tools: We integrated pre-release marketing tools such as competitions and quizzes into our platform to power better discovery and first party data capture to bottle some early hype for new movie releases and event announcements. 
  • Analytics: We have pioneered cutting edge Marketing Analytics tools for clients with a simple (AIIA) conversion funnel. 

Most importantly, we’re looking to push boundaries to future-proof our partners’ businesses. As drivers of a D2C movement to enable sustainable growth for partners, our brand values reflect the commitment to helping the partners understand and overcome tomorrow’s marketing challenges. Our driving force lies in the experimentation culture and we’re always open to discussing new and creative ideas. 

Be Creative 

Being creative is essential to delivering innovative solutions that drive value for our partners. We work closely with them to understand their unique challenges and develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. 

Moreover, we encourage our team to think outside the box and embrace new ideas. They are committed to automating mundane tasks. As a result, they can focus on creative work that helps our partners stand out in a crowded market.

How Our Process Looks 

Our team focuses on adding value to your business. It starts with ensuring that you, as our partner, excel in the highly competitive movie marketing landscape. 

Second, we devote our time to developing and offering automated solutions like the Ticketing Widget for current and future challenges so that you can experience sustainable growth.

Third, analytics is at the centre of everything we do, and we believe usheru Analytics provides the most action-oriented insights and marketing services on the market. 

Lastly, we commit to explain tomorrow’s marketing challenges in plain English and make it clear what best practice looks like. We encourage building an experimentation culture and letting our team know it’s okay to fail.

usheru’s Main Goal

In conclusion, our values are the cornerstone of our company. We are authentic, brave, and creative. We provide excellent service, honesty, and a quantifiable return on investment. Our goal is to revolutionise the movie distribution market and help you to become the industry leader.