Coming Onboard as a New Arena Partner

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When it comes to building a digital platform for an arena partner, a seamless onboarding process is crucial to ensure a successful partnership. At usheru, we take pride in our onboarding process. It is designed to build trust, understanding, and a solid foundation for a long-term relationship with our arena partners.

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Step 1: Gathering Requirements

The first step in our onboarding process is to gather requirements. We work closely with our arena partners to understand their needs, goals, and vision for their digital platform.

After the initial consultation, we conduct a detailed requirements gathering exercise. This involves working with our partners to create a list of features and functionalities that they require in their digital platform.

When we have the list of requirements, our partners help us prioritize them based on their importance and feasibility. It lets us integrate them easily into the plan.

Step 2: Arena Partner Plan

Once we have a clear understanding of our partner’s requirements, we give the best plan for their needs. We take the time to explain each option and see if our partners have a thorough understanding of the full arena offering. They get to know the options available to them, including Ticketmaster API integration and venue analytics.

At this stage, we encourage our partners to ask questions, share their feedback, and collaborate with us. Depending on the plan selected, we may ask for feedback and revisions to make sure that the platform is perfect before going live.

Step 3: Finalization

Lastly, we finalise the onboarding process with several steps, such as final testing and providing documentation. We also provide training on how to manage the platform and post-launch support. Those steps ensure that you can launch the digital platform and that you as an arena partner are fully prepared to use and manage the platform.

Throughout the entire onboarding process, we prioritise communication, transparency, and responsiveness. Building a digital platform can be a complex process. However, we make sure that our partners are up-to-date on the progress of their project.

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Why Is the Onboarding Important?

usheru onboarding process is designed to give our arena partners enough support every step of the way. By gathering requirements, creating the best plan, and providing full transparency throughout the process, we create a solid foundation for a successful partnership that benefits both our partners and our company.

The goal of the onboarding process is a successful launch of the platform. Thorough testing and addressing any issues before launch enables us to offer you the platform is stable, secure, and provides a positive user experience for customers.