Well Go USA Goes Direct to Consumer With usheru Widget

Well Go USA Monster Widget

Well Go USA is going direct to consumer! The prominent US distribution company has partnered with usheru to implement the usheru Widget, allowing website visitors to discover showtimes at their local venues for Well Go’s latest releases. 

This integration supports smooth navigation of theatrical showtimes of the Japanese drama Monster, offering audiences a user-friendly platform for cinema discovery. The widget serves as a dynamic tool to captivate the audience’s attention and facilitate easy ticket purchases.

The goal was not only to boost ticket sales but also to provide movie fans with a user-friendly platform that ensures smooth search and ticket purchase. Well Go USA’s platform is now more dynamic, more alive with fresh content and more engaging for visitors, encouraging a growing community of fans spending time in Well Go’s site. 

Learn more about the usheru Widget offer and how it could work for your business.