My Time Interning at usheru – by Anna Gilsenan

Anna's internship at usheru

My two week internship for usheru has been an amazing opportunity where I have developed skills that will stay with me forever. 

Interning for usheru has given me a whole new perspective on how a business works. usheru works on bringing audiences and entertainment together, giving their partners easy access to content they love. They help the industry manage, promote and launch any new content anywhere – creating better interactions and connections. 

It is truly evident that client based, “partner” relationships are at the heart of the company itself. I was so fortunate to get to work on some of their client-based operations, such as expanding client lists for test screenings, optimising location data accuracy and updating international cinema analytics. 

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team on these different projects and came away with a greater understanding of how each member of the team works together with passion and creativity. 

While at usheru, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to attend some of the team’s strategy, marketing, sales and management meetings. This was very informative and really allowed me to get a true understanding of how collaborative working is at the heart of any successful business, something usheru excels at. 

I have learnt so many crucial skills through these meetings such as team leadership and collaboration within the working world. I hope to take these new found skills with me into my own future career or indeed into school life itself. 

In the second week of my internship I had the incredible opportunity to explore the world of digital design, something I loved doing. The creative aspect of website design was particularly enjoyable as I have always had a passion for art and design. 

It was intriguing to combine that with my new found skill of digital design. During this experience I had the opportunity to learn new tools such as Canva, a skill which I definitely aspire to carry with me throughout life.

Looking back, my two weeks at usheru have provided me with a multitude of different experiences which highlighted the company’s core values of partnership, innovation, and creativity. I am so grateful for my time here which has not only enriched my understanding of the business world but has also given me a deeper appreciation for the importance of genuine partnerships in achieving success. 

Thank you, to everyone at usheru, for having me these past two weeks and making the experience so enjoyable.