Pollstar Live! 2024: 4 Things We Learned at the Event

Pollstar Live! 2024 presentation

Pollstar Live! 2024 was a vibrant, inspiring gathering of a diverse array of live entertainment professionals from around the world. usheru seized the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals in the live entertainment niche, build new connections and gather insights on the current broad state of the industry.

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Anish Degaonkar and Federico Beltran, our Managing Director, Americas, and Sr Partnerships Manager respectively, were in Los Angeles for the event and, in addition to having some truly valuable and rewarding meetings, gaining new connections and (most importantly!) having a great time, they came back with these 4 takeaways:

1. Technology and AI is the Future of Live Entertainment

One of the standout themes of Pollstar 2024 was the prominent role of technology and generative artificial intelligence (AI) in changing the live entertainment landscape. From ticketing systems to audience engagement platforms, there was a concerted effort to harness the power of technology to enhance the overall fan experience and automate operations for venues and promoters alike.

2. Fan Experience Is the Priority

There was a notable emphasis on improving fan experience within venues. With the advent of advanced audiovisual technologies and interactive installations, venues are increasingly seeking to create immersive environments that leave a lasting impression on attendees. The event provided a platform for industry leaders to exchange ideas and explore innovative solutions for elevating the live entertainment experience.

3. Nurturing Relationships Between Venues and Promoters Is Crucial

Another key focus of this year’s event was the importance of nurturing strong relationships between venues and promoters. Recognizing that successful events hinge on effective collaboration between these two parties, Pollstar 2024 facilitated discussions on strategies for fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and maximizing the potential of live entertainment engagements.

4. Always Leave Room for Some Fun!

Amidst many insightful sessions and networking opportunities, attendees had the chance to indulge in some world-class entertainment. The usheru team also particularly enjoyed performances by iconic artists such as Bon Jovi and an in-person appearance by Dave Chappelle.


As the curtains closed on Pollstar 2024, the usheru team reflected on the invaluable connections made there. Excited for the future of live entertainment and with wealth of knowledge gained throughout the event, Federico and Anish departed Pollstar Live! with a deepened commitment to creating the future of the live entertainment industry.