With Danish Film Institute and NL Film Fonds as New Partners, usheru Expands Global Reach

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usheru, a global leader in digital marketing technology for the film industry, continues to solidify its position as a trusted partner to national film bodies around the world. Announcing its latest partnerships with the Danish Film Institute and NL Film Fonds, usheru’s services are reaching more film institutes and serving film audiences worldwide. Film promotional bodies supported by their respective countries, face unique challenges in supporting their creative output and measuring their impact, and they therefore seek tools and solutions that vary from mainstream film industry measurement tools. 

usheru has worked with film bodies to devise advanced services that address these needs, elevating film promotion and providing unparalleled insights into distribution performance. usheru CEO Oliver Fegan explains,

“Empowering global film organisations to engage with audiences and industry stakeholders in new ways is our intention with our latest suite of tools, and our new partnerships indicate the industry’s strong need for these solutions.” 

The Danish Film Institute (DFI) recently launched an usheru-built Content Discovery Platform (CDP) to promote their content with the collaboration of Danish embassies worldwide. usheru’s CDP offers an array of features and benefits that facilitate global audience engagement. The platform works by optimising customer journeys with real-time automated showtimes and streaming data, as well as offering dedicated B2B pages and functionalities. 

“We look forward to seeing how usheru’s Discovery Platform can connect us with audiences across the world,” says Jacob Neiiendam Head of International at DFI. “We knew Danish films were widely and globally accessible, but not to what degree. This solution enables us to expand our visibility and gain access to and knowledge of new markets.”

NL Film Fonds, utilising usheru’s Global Distribution Analytics, signed up to experience the transformative power of this service. Jonathan Mees, Manager of Research and Communications at NL Film Fonds states,

 “Through the usheru Distribution Analytics the Netherlands Film Fund is trying to get new insights into the visibility and life cycle of films and series that we support, both theatrically and on streamers.”

This ongoing subscription service, developed in collaboration with national film bodies, offers unrivalled tailored analytics dashboards that track films and series across cinemas and streaming platforms globally. The platform provides invaluable high level visibility into emerging challenges and opportunities, enabling organisations to make informed decisions. 

usheru’s commitment to advancing the digital solutions available to film organisations has resulted in strategic partnerships with national film bodies across the globe. By collaborating with DFI and NL Film Fonds, usheru continues to expand its reach and solidify its position as a trusted partner in the film industry.

“We are proud to partner with such esteemed organisations as the Danish Film Institute and NL Film Fonds,” says Oliver Fegan. “Their adoption of usheru’s tailored solutions underscores the value and effectiveness of our digital tools for national film bodies. We remain dedicated to supporting film organisations worldwide in achieving their goals and driving the industry forward.”

For more information about usheru’s solutions visit https://www.usheru.com/national-film-bodies/


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