Vertigo Releasing Launches New Beautiful Branded Movie Web Pages with usheru

Vertigo Releasing - website launch

usheru’s partner Vertigo Releasing has been delivering exciting releases for UK audiences throughout this summer through their new branded movie web pages. As a key part of their release strategy, Vertigo Releasing have collaborated with usheru to innovate their web platform and leverage their growing community online to promote their titles in a clean, cohesive way. Through designing and building landing pages to promote each title within their existing platform, Vertigo are reaping the benefits of standalone branded movie websites while maintaining all of the benefits of a broader discovery platform.

The key advantage of the branded pages such as The Dive, It Lives Inside, and Reality are their data-driven approach. By allowing audiences to return again and again to the same core website for film discovery, Vertigo are empowered to leverage sophisticated analytics and insights without losing the data in segments that do not integrate.

usheru’s Content Discovery Platform enables distributors to understand their audience better than ever before. Distributors can gain valuable information about the type of traffic visiting their pages, the level of engagement, and user actions that indicate their likelihood to buy or watch. With detailed data, they can create their marketing strategies to target specific segments effectively, and cross promote their full catalogue of titles and new releases.

A branded page is a classic choice for distributors looking to expand their audience reach and promote a new title, and it is vital not to lose this capability when creating one platform for all of your movie promotion.

Vertigo Releasing understood this deeply while beginning this project with usheru, and usheru has made considerations such as this central to the Content Discovery Platform. 

We have greatly appreciated the highly collaborative nature of working with usheru and have felt supported by them as we moved towards the vision for our website. Response times were prompt and always friendly and we are thrilled with the final result. Maintaining our website is easy and fuss-free and Client Support are always on hand for quick fixes and design changes. We would gladly recommend their services to our industry peers.

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