Build an online powerhouse to boost long-term audience engagement using your own data

Direct audiences to watch, rent or buy your film titles worldwide: in cinemas, on streaming platforms or even at film festivals with your own usheru-powered digital online platform.

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Success Stories

Altitude Films Success Story

“At the moment it’s very exciting as we look at ways to develop our D2C strategy and optimise our site to drive more sales and engagement. We’re really looking forward to what we can achieve in the future. The team is always friendly, cooperative, quick to respond and have been very attentive to our ever-evolving needs.”

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German Films Success Story

“Partnering with Usheru is really helping us to “Open the Doors to German Cinema Worldwide”, true to our company mission. The service helps us to provide up-to-date information to fans of German cinema around the world about where and when and how they can find and watch German films, whether in cinemas, at festivals or streaming in their own living rooms. Being able to track and provide exactly this kind of information is of paramount importance to our work.”

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Branded movie experiences

Forget standalone movie sites and bring all of your titles under one roof with custom designed pages & urls for each movie. 

Every time you launch a promotional movie website and then take it down, you let all the consumer data go with it.

Home of Film keeps your audience all together & reduces the cost per visit

Coming soon

Start early, build awareness & capture demand to convert later

In theaters now

Maximize ticket sales & sell tickets directly to consumers with fully branded movie experiences

Watch at home

Showcase all your movies and where to watch them internationally or country by country


Connect the dots between movie marketing campaigns and the cinema box office with usheru analytics​

Gain full visibility on global distribution across both theatrical and streaming platforms, as well as key insights into consumer behaviour



We integrate our real-time data feeds to your existing branded corporate website

front end development

We help you build your online powerhub


  • Track marketing campaigns’ performance and engagement granularly – post by post & ad by ad

  • View conversion rates for every campaign – when you incorporate ticketing a holistic view is possible, from clicking on an ad through to purchasing a cinema ticket

  • Retarget website visitors who interacted on your current or previous campaigns

  • Become more reactive to your current campaigns: use real time Analytics to cut wasteful marketing immediately.

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