Revealing the Cost of Inaction: 3 Reasons To Update Your Film Company Web Presence Today

In the fast-paced world of movie marketing, the key to success lies in making timely decisions and maintaining an updated film company web presence. 

The first hard truth is that audience attention can be costly to obtain. As a film’s lifecycle ends within a few months to a year, distributors return to square one when marketing the next film. 

In this context it’s crucial not only to find solutions that save time, but also to move fast in your decision making. 

The second fact that you have to come to terms with is that the cost of inaction could be great.

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1. The Major Flaw in Movie Websites

 Firstly, building a new website for each movie release is inconvenient and wasteful.
  • It requires additional resources and administrative effort. 
  • Each domain needs to be registered, hosted, and maintained individually, which can increase costs and create logistical complexities. It becomes challenging to keep track of numerous websites and ensure consistent branding and maintenance across all of them. 
  • It fragments the online audience and dilutes the overall impact. Marketing to acquire a new audience costs more than retaining an existing one. Building SEO for a new website takes time and resources. Keeping all of your audience together in one place cuts this cost and simplifies administrative efforts

2. The Cost of Inaction

Secondly, delaying crucial marketing decisions can have a big financial impact on movie marketing budgets. Online film marketing landscape is fiercely competitive. Therefore, a single moment of hesitation can result in missed opportunities, decreased revenues, and diminished brand awareness. 

By delaying the adoption of the latest technologies, distributors could lose out on ticket sales and audience building, falling behind their competitors. The cost of inaction, in terms of lost revenue and missed promotional opportunities, far outweighs the investment required to implement new solutions. 

New film websites can cost $2,000 – $3,000 on average to be built, and marketing to draw audiences to this website can cost far more. Cost per new web visitor acquisition will vary, but to drive a successful box office or VOD campaign, distributors can expect to spend thousands. 

Consider how building a database of film fans who have signed up for direct communication from you could cut these acquisition costs. On top of that, consider the value generated from saving you and your team time.

3. All About Your Audience - The Simple Benefit of Centralisation

Although each film will have its own unique brand and audience, movie distributors can build a returning audience. This audience can be divided by interest and region. The simplest way to do that is to use a centralised web presence.
  • Consolidating all movies under a single home allows for better audience building. Audiences can register interest for your films, engage in your website and even discover other titles. 
  • With a Content Discovery Platform such as usheru’s, it’s possible to ‘skin’ movie pages. They then appear as though they are stand-alone movie websites with personalised domains. This gives all the promotional benefits of a movie website without the downfall of needing to build SEO from scratch. 
  • With each new release you can continue to build out your audience database. Collecting first party data from fans is the best way to ensure you own your data.
  • It enables you as a distributor to leverage the traffic and authority of a single website. Moreover, it improves search engine optimisation (SEO) and overall online visibility of the site. Use consumer data to better understand your audience’s preferences, viewing habits, and engagement patterns.
  • Monitor and identify the most effective campaigns, allocate resources wisely, and make data-informed decisions. 
  • Optimise marketing strategies and maximise return on investment.

Online Film Marketing Solutions for Better Web Presence and Success

The world of online film marketing is a fast-paced and highly competitive niche. By choosing usheru as your trusted partner, you can unlock the power of timely decisions and catapult your movie marketing success. With the advantages of using one website and usheru’s cost-effective pricing structure, you can elevate your marketing campaigns to new heights.

Finally, usheru offers a comprehensive solution that includes all these services in a single package designed for film distributors and institutions. Partners can benefit from savings with CDP while ensuring successful film marketing campaigns. 

usheru’s Content Discovery Platform enables:
  • Automated streaming and theatrical data for your releases 
  • Easy content management 
  • Integrations with CRM tools including Selligent, Hubspot, Mailchimp and more, 
  • Real-time Marketing Analytics, providing valuable insights into campaign performance and audience engagement.