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In the saturated film market of today, getting any new movie the eyes, ears or attention it deserves is a challenge. At usheru, we’re bringing audiences and entertainment closer together. Our insights and solutions equip entertainment specialists with ways to build better digital experiences, understand audiences and drive growth. Partner with Usheru and get your audiences closer to the films they love.

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Build & grow

your audience database across the release cycle


your revenue from Box Office to Home Entertainment


your distribution marketing workflow


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Altitude Films Stream


Own the VOD journey with your own streaming service

  • Know how your films are performing online
  • Build a returning audience to your site
  • Cross promote your VOD titles

Global Distribution Analytics

Gain unrivalled visibility and understanding of your national output with
  • Unrivalled analytics designed in partnership with national film bodies
  • Track your films and series globally across cinemas and streaming
  • Gain visibility of challenges and opportunities as they emerge.
  • Stakeholder reporting made easy with multiple export options


Short on time? Let us do the Reporting work for you

Global Film and Talent Reporting

  • One-off, no commitment needed
  • Detailed analysis of global reach of your films
  • Locations, Cast and Crew, Production Data

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Yearbook report
Widget on mobile

Wow your fans with customisable games, competitions and quizzes

  • Build a community that you can engage for every release
  • Separate by film type, genre
  • Integrate with your existing CRM tools


Data • Analytics • Functionality Select Connect
Hybrid Distribution Overview across Cinemas and Streaming Platforms

Global Showtimes Data to Display
(geo-located, updated daily)

Global Streaming Data to Display
(geo-located, updated daily)

Streaming Conversion Data
(view if a customer clicked through to the title on selected platforms)

Integrated ‘Demand It’ functionality – First Party Data capture feature

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Data • Analytics • Functionality Select Connect

Showtimes Data Analytics
(view reports of your films’ showtimes by territory and cinemas)

Streaming Data Analytics
(view reports of your films’ showtimes by territory and platforms)

Ticketing Functionality
(ability to sell cinema tickets on the site with connected theatres)

Film Catalogue and CMS – access to usheru catalogue for your titles including metadata
(synopsis, cast, runtime etc), assets (posters and images), localisations and translations

Audience Data and Analytics. Comprehensive view of user activity on the site, broken down by titles and pages, including (but not limited to):

  • Audience Profile
  • Summary
  • Audience Sources
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Referrals
  • Audience Geo-location
  • Projected Demographics
  • Trailer Views
  • Showtimes Views and Clicks
  • Streaming Views and Clicks
  • General site analytics, visits and session times
  • Intent & Interest Signals
  • Brand Performance Metrics
  • Transactional Data (where applicable)
  • Marketing Conversion Paths
  • Social Media Indicators
  • Cross-Film Metrics

usheru Competition and Quizzes: plug In features to easily set up consumer interactions – – First Party Data capture feature

uPlay Integrated VOD player – Power purchase and First Party Data capture feature

International Sales Request feature: B2B functionality with form for buyers and festivals to express interest in titles

SEO Enhancements for organic search performance

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