Content Discovery Platform

Pricing options

Lite Plus Premium

Data Management

LITE plus Premium
Movie catalogue
Up to 100 films
Up to 1000 films
1 Country
Up to 2 Countries
Up to 10 Countries
1 Language
Up to 2 Languages
Up to 4 Languages
Automated Showtime Data/Ticketing Links
Automated Streaming Data/Direct Playlinks
Film Festival Data
Supported but manual Input needed
Supported but manual Input needed
Supported but manual Input needed
Hosting Infrastructure
(website & database)

Included up to 100K visits/month

Included up to 1MM visits/month

Unlimited visits/month

Marketing & Analytics

LITE plus Premium
usheru analytics
Google Analytics (GA4)
Google Tag Manager
(Setup & Management)
Marketing Pixels
(Facebook Pixels, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin, Tiktok,Snapchat etc.)
Up to 2 included
Up to 4 included
Unlimited included
Email Service Integration
(Mailchimp, Sendinblue, etc.)
Available as paid add-on
Available as paid add-on
Available as paid add-on

Service Levels

LITE plus Premium
Bug Fixing / Critical Issue Support
Technical Support
General IT Support
Priority IT Support
Premium IT Support
Turnaround Times (TAT) on Support Tickets
48 hours
24 hours
12 hours
Bucket of Development Hours
Paid add-on
2 hours per month
6 hours per month
Website hosting + regular website & database maintenance
(Upgrades, Security, Backup, etc)


LITE plus Premium
Home Page
Top Carrousel
Up to 2 movie sliders
Top Carrousel
Up to 5 movie sliders
Up to 2 custom modules
Fully Customizable
In Cinemas Page
Watch At Home Page
Coming Soon Page
All Movies
Paid add-on
In Festivals Page
Discussed On Demand
Discussed On Demand
Discussed On Demand
(T&C, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy)
About us
Contact Us
Custom Pages
(Press, Blog, B2B Sales Agents etc)
Paid add-on
2 Custom Pages included
5 Custom Pages included
Social Feed
(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)
Paid add-on
Youtube Feed
Paid add-on
(Templated Format)
(Fully Customizable)
News Feed
Paid add-on
Paid add-on
Movie Branded Page
Paid add-on
1 free Included
3 Free Included
Asset Locker

One-off Development Fees

Starting from


Starting from


Starting from


Monthly Maintenance Fees

Starting from


Starting from


Starting from


Summary of Key benefits

  • All your current, classics & future titles available on one beautiful (non-corporate looking) platform, making it easy for your audience to discover and enjoy your content.

  • Secure hosting to ensure your platform and content are safe from cyber threats and data breaches.

  • Building first-party data, through your platform, so you won’t have to rely on cinemas to understand your audience and can use it to improve your marketing efforts.

  • Automated cinema showtimes and streaming data, pre-matched to your titles, to help you improve content discovery, sell more tickets, and generate more streaming revenue.

  • Web platform can be built in multiple languages as well as complete Mailchimp integration for easier email marketing

  • Asset Locker so Press/Cinemas can access film metadata directly as well as B2B pages so film sales agents can use then when needed

  • usheru Pro Analytics, multiple branded pages and/or custom web pages developed as per your needs etc.

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